Events - This Weekend in Barrie



Ciao, Bellas! 

After coming back from Italy, we've been prepping some new pieces that we think you'll absolutely love! We'll be presenting them at The Everything Pretty Summer Show in Barrie this Sunday, July 19th! 

...Orignial styles will also be available- not to mention at 40% off! All Lacedsilk will be tax free at the event as well. 



*The event is taking place at 410 St Vincent St from 11am-4pm * 

Come get your boss on, ladies!


Much love as always, 


Jessie xx 


IG: lacedsilk 

New Additions & Pop Up

   As the warm weather rolls in, I can't seem to turn off our inspiration, and somehow end up with more designs than anticipated. Leading up to LACEDSILK's launch in The Everyday Pop Up on Queen West, I originally intended on doing a silk top, pleather bralette (to go with the Golden Ticket skirt) , and a stretch satin bralette. Three new designs. So I made my trip to Telio to place an order for the fabrics. After finishing the samples for each, I was inspired to find the Serena top a parter- make her a 2 piece set... and that brought the Serena skirt- The Golden Ticket's softer sister. From golden gunmetal, to a powdered pink with a stretch that fits the femme form beautifully. 



From top to bottom: The Serena Set, our set up at The Everyday Pop Up, The Violette top paired with the Golden Ticket Skirt


    Three weeks of drafting, cutting, and sewing- and I've prepared a full stock of Lacedsilk RTW in a real life brick and mortar location. Never would I have thought this would have been possible this early into business! Lacedsilk came to be only 5 months ago, and I could not be any more happier/excited/scared about what we're doing and how far we've come! 


So, if you're reading this- know that that this clothing was made with serious passion and dedication- I want you to feel your absolute best in these designs, and I hope your confidence shines through when you wear them. 


Lots of love, 

      Jessie xx


NOTE: I'm at The Everyday until Thursday the 21st, come say hi! 

Today's Fast Fashion and Sweat Shops - A Must Watch

   Scrolling through my Facebook feed while having my morning coffee, I came across a video titled "The Very, Very Big Problem With Your Very, Very Cheap Clothing". Naturally, I was intrigued. What is the very, very big problem with the very, very cheaply priced clothing we see so much of in today's retailers? 

Watching the video, John goes over some clips of child workers overseas, as well as clips of stylists and brand reps showcasing fashionable and "affordable" must-have pieces on various morning talk shows. He then shows viewers a dress of H&M's priced below $5, and comically finds that a jar of cricket food as well as a physical five dollar bill wrapped around a specific male body part- both cost more than this dress, which someone actually took time to manufacture. 

The video really exposed the truth about fast fashion ethics- there are none. As consumers, we love a good deal. But does it really justify supporting unfair wages and working conditions? Remember, when you purchase something it counts as a vote to keep that process alive. Buying that $12 maxi dress at your favourite retailer counts as a vote toward unfair wages for the person who sewed it. 

Why not take a stand as a consumer, and start the movement toward a sufficient salary for those who work in sweat shops? So those workers don't have choose between having meals or toiletries for the week? 


Food for thought, here's the video below:

We're Popping Up


TORONTO! We're popping up! 

As apart of #TheEveryDayPopUp we'll be setting up shop as apart of a collective with a few other Toronto based designers for the week of May 15-21. We're extremely excited because we'll be releasing a few new pieces as apart of our Spring Summer 2015 Part TWO line, so we'd love for you to come take a look, try something on, and shop local! We've been running around like crazy from showrooms and suppliers in order to perfect this collection and cannot wait for you to see it!

If you SHARE our event page, you have a chance to win a $50 voucher! Also- the first 10 customers receive an exclusive discount.