Today's Fast Fashion and Sweat Shops - A Must Watch

   Scrolling through my Facebook feed while having my morning coffee, I came across a video titled "The Very, Very Big Problem With Your Very, Very Cheap Clothing". Naturally, I was intrigued. What is the very, very big problem with the very, very cheaply priced clothing we see so much of in today's retailers? 

Watching the video, John goes over some clips of child workers overseas, as well as clips of stylists and brand reps showcasing fashionable and "affordable" must-have pieces on various morning talk shows. He then shows viewers a dress of H&M's priced below $5, and comically finds that a jar of cricket food as well as a physical five dollar bill wrapped around a specific male body part- both cost more than this dress, which someone actually took time to manufacture. 

The video really exposed the truth about fast fashion ethics- there are none. As consumers, we love a good deal. But does it really justify supporting unfair wages and working conditions? Remember, when you purchase something it counts as a vote to keep that process alive. Buying that $12 maxi dress at your favourite retailer counts as a vote toward unfair wages for the person who sewed it. 

Why not take a stand as a consumer, and start the movement toward a sufficient salary for those who work in sweat shops? So those workers don't have choose between having meals or toiletries for the week? 


Food for thought, here's the video below: