New Additions & Pop Up

   As the warm weather rolls in, I can't seem to turn off our inspiration, and somehow end up with more designs than anticipated. Leading up to LACEDSILK's launch in The Everyday Pop Up on Queen West, I originally intended on doing a silk top, pleather bralette (to go with the Golden Ticket skirt) , and a stretch satin bralette. Three new designs. So I made my trip to Telio to place an order for the fabrics. After finishing the samples for each, I was inspired to find the Serena top a parter- make her a 2 piece set... and that brought the Serena skirt- The Golden Ticket's softer sister. From golden gunmetal, to a powdered pink with a stretch that fits the femme form beautifully. 



From top to bottom: The Serena Set, our set up at The Everyday Pop Up, The Violette top paired with the Golden Ticket Skirt


    Three weeks of drafting, cutting, and sewing- and I've prepared a full stock of Lacedsilk RTW in a real life brick and mortar location. Never would I have thought this would have been possible this early into business! Lacedsilk came to be only 5 months ago, and I could not be any more happier/excited/scared about what we're doing and how far we've come! 


So, if you're reading this- know that that this clothing was made with serious passion and dedication- I want you to feel your absolute best in these designs, and I hope your confidence shines through when you wear them. 


Lots of love, 

      Jessie xx


NOTE: I'm at The Everyday until Thursday the 21st, come say hi!